Embracing the Root STORY

EMBRACING THE ROOT is a climate-oriented operatic creation for stage involving music, drama, puppetry, dance,and animation. 

The project is an initiative by New York composer/keyboardist Carman Moore and Danish actress/vocalist/ lyricist Lotte Arnsbjerg – based on new scientific discoveries about the intellengence of nature – especially how plants communicate, sense and bring aid to each other for survival and ongoing life.

The story addresses how all life on our planet is connected and how human kind stands to learn from the new knowledge about trees, roots, fungi, mycelium. 

The narrative concerns a research scientist who is dominated by the fear of loosing control, including how time ages her and finally dissolves the body.

The scientist leads her PhD thesis on brain neurons and human stress. But she is moving towards a severe nervous breakdown herself, and the more she resists it, the more it kicks her into an abyss of darkness.  Soon the scientist finds herself a patient in a mental hospital.

CLIMATE CHANGE is happening – inside and out.

As Albert Einstein stated we will not be able to fix a prolem with the same energy that the problem was created by.  We must change something. 

We experince the reality of so many changes effected by human life on earth – and we are facing the need of  sustainable development agreements – one is FNs 17 development goals. 

But how to realize a plan for sustainable change, without taking care of the inner climate changes of human kind? 

Loneliness is pointed out as a bigger threat than climate change. How do we understand that?


With the help of brain science and recent research about roots’ networks and communication, we investigate themes such as human loneliness, imbalances and potential surrender to the premises of life.

The most liberating about experiencing nature around us, is perhaps the fact that nature does not change whether we are sad or happy. It just is, unaffected by our condition. 

It is connected at all levels, and forms a sublime system. That kind of spaciousness does not exist in many places, if in any other than in Nature, and the extent of coherence arouses reflection and endless inspiration.